How to Make Foam Snowflake and Glitter Christmas Ornaments

Ornaments are traditionally used to decorate Christmas trees during the holiday season. Making your own set of Christmas ornaments is a fun project to get you into the spirit of the season and will allow you to showcase your talent and creativity. Even if you have little crafting experience, you can easily make your own set of one-of-a-kind ornaments for your own tree or to give as gifts for friends and family. A set of foam snowflake and glitter Christmas ornaments is extremely easy to make and can be done inexpensively. This project is so easy to create, you can easily turn it into a family activity to make with your children.

To make a set of foam snowflake and glitter Christmas ornaments you will need:

  • Clear glass or plastic bulb ornaments
  • White craft foam
  • Small snowflake shaped stencils
  • Xacto knife
  • Blue or silver craft glitter for tumblers
  • Thin colored ribbon in blue, white or silver
  • Scissors

1.Trace the snowflakes onto the craft foam using the stencils.

2.Use the Xacto knife to cut the snowflake shapes out of the craft foam.

3. Take the caps off of the bulb ornaments and set them to the side.

4. Fill each of the ornaments half way with craft glitter. You may choose to only use blue or silver glitter, mix and match the two in different ornaments, or combine both colors in each ornament depending on your personal preference.

5. Fold a foam snowflake in half and insert it into one of the bulb ornaments through the opening in the top. Place three to five snowflakes inside of each ornament.

6. Place the cap back onto the top of each ornament. Press the cap down firmly to make sure it is secured.

7. Measure and cut a strip of colored ribbon for each ornament that is approximately four inches in length. Thread the ribbon through the opening in the cap and secure it in a knot. You may choose to use the same color of ribbon for all of the ornaments or mix and match different colors to add variety.

To hang the ornaments on your Christmas tree, simply loop the ribbon onto the branches. If you have Christmas lights on your tree, the light will reflect off of the glitter inside of each ornament to create a stunning visual effect.

To add more color to the tops of your ornaments, you can cut two strips of ribbon in two different colors. This will also provide more support if you are using large bulb ornaments that are extremely heavy once filled with glitter.