How to write a resume of a basketball coach

All resumes contain basically the same information, but what you emphasize must be adjusted each time. Resume Example for Basketball Coach for a job as a basketball coach, you should consider certain aspects of your career or experience that will help you interview the person who hired you for the job.

Develop an appropriate goal

If the program is a traditional force, your goal, one sentence stating what you hope to get out of the position, should include a reference to contribute to the continued improvement of an established program.

Summarize your education

All coaches graduated from high school, and it is likely that all graduated from college. Try not to go into detail about anything that doesn't set you apart. Include where you went to high school and college, and if you graduated with honors. Depending on how much coaching experience you have, you may need to expand the education section to make up for your lack of experience, but what really appeals to the person hiring is your work as a coach.

List impressive playing experience

While you don't have to be a star player, showing that you have played the game at or above the college level may indicate that you have credibility in your knowledge of the game. If you have won any awards as a player, this place will include them.

Organize all coaching experience into short pieces of information

Include the entire coaching experience. Showing a consistent work history is important. List the program you worked on, what position you held and what years you were there. If you have coached any respected or connected coaches, note that you coached them when you list the program. Do the same with any players you have coached. Many programs are impressed with coaches who have worked with players who have gone to the next level.

Include references who would like to speak highly of you

If your resume catches the attention of the decision maker, he or she is more likely to call your current employer, as well as any other references you list.