Why Instagram is chosen over other platforms

Visual Platform

Instagram is an entirely visual platform and as they say visuals is the best way to communicate and get your idea around to individuals. This is the foremost sense to why marketers favour tapping visuals in their social media marketing blend.

Whenever you visit Instagram, you are inundated with images, videos and ideas. And because all of this merges into one another, it becomes easy for advertisers to promote various brands.

Young Audience

As of January 2020, over two thirds of the total Instagram audiences were aged 34 years and younger. That is, Instagram is a big part of the lives of the younger generation who is more active and aware of their economy.

Good products and deals catch their eyes quickly. This begins a cycle of discussion and sharing among the youth which adds to the popularity of your brand.

Instagram Algorithm

One of the most important things for any brand’s Instagram marketing is engagement. Engagement consists of shares, like, comments, saves and total interactions. The more likes and views you get for a particular video; the more people it is likely to reach. Basically, it determines your reach.

If a particular video of yours receive a whole lot of likes, then there is a high possibility that it will keep on circulating on Instagram and hence increase your visibility in the community of social media.

Hence, many brands buy Instagram Likes in order to receive more engagement and circulate their products on the internet. Another reason is that in this manner they can also reach potential customers and expand their business. Basically, they resort to ‘shortcuts. Work smarter not harder is the new trend on Instagram.

Not to forget that if you religiously work on your content creation and videos, then after a point of time the potential customers will develop brand awareness relating to your company leading to increased views and again circulation.

The algorithm of Instagram suits advertisers and provides the user with options such as sharing photos, videos and vlogs to buying and selling products. This easy online transaction also makes Instagram very popular in the households.

Trend Creation

It is human behaviour that we attract to what is going viral on social media and trending. The population thrives towards popularity. Instagram has become the place that determines what is trending and what is not.

Also, the user can easily fall into the rhythm of the app, because of its user-friendly design and style. It is not simply further convenient for the user to partake in everything in one place but also, it increases sales for sellers.

Brand friendly

What is better than having the opportunity to engage with the customers on a daily basis? Your customers can reach you whenever they want which instils confidence in them regarding your brand.

Also, people are pretty vocal on social media apps, so the feedback you will receive for your services is likely to be coming from an honest place. The key is to understand your users’ habits and see how your product can smoothly integrate with their behaviour.

Direct income generation

Even if you are a small mom and pop shop, you can still sell your products by urging people to visit your product site. Instagram is a giant because it doesn’t ask the small businesses to attain any license for doing business on its platform. 

In case you don’t have a product site, you can ask the customers to DM you with their enquiries. You are not limited to any one method of marketing. This makes the income generation process easier and quicker.

So, that’s it. Mainly the highlighted points are that through this one social media platform, many people have started their careers.

It’s a lot easier now, because people buy Instagram likes and their profile gets going with that. Gradually, people notice that and they start showing their support by liking posts further and also buy, purchasing your products.

So, that’s what we can infer from the scenario that is prevailing in 2021. A platform generally gets popular when it cannot just be used for entertainment, but also for earning money. And that’s why, it is chosen over other platforms.