The Association of International Credential Evaluators - Setting the Standard for Credential Evaluation


AICE promotes best practices in international education through collaboration among a variety of stakeholders. AICE Endorsed Members are specifically dedicated to providing high-quality international educational credentials evaluation services to individuals, schools, colleges, universities, professional licensing boards, government agencies, private and public enterprises and any other entities seeking such services.

AICE is a recognized standard-setting association for international credential evaluation professionals.

U.S. Department of Education

The U.S. Department of Education has listed AICE on its website as a reliable source for credential evaluation services and expertise. Click here.

U.S. Department of State

Foreign education (that is education acquired outside of any State of the U.S., the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, or any territory or possession of the U.S.) must be evaluated by a credential evaluation service recognized by the U.S. Department of Education in order to be credited towards qualification. The U.S. Department of State recommends applicants to request an evaluation from a member organization of one of the two national associations of credential evaluation services which includes AICE. Click here.

NAFSA: Association of International Educators

In order to assist its member organizations, NAFSA (the Association of International Educators) provides “A Guide to Selecting a Foreign Credentials Evaluation Service,” which recommends AICE-member credential evaluation services. Click here.

Groningen Declaration

AICE is a proud signatory of the Groningen Declaration Network supporting the digital mobility of academic documents.  Click here.