The Association of International Credential Evaluators - Setting the Standard for Credentials Evaluation


AICE promotes best practices in international education through collaboration among a variety of stakeholders. AICE Endorsed Members are specifically dedicated to providing high-quality international educational credentials evaluation services to individuals, schools, colleges, universities, professional licensing boards, government agencies, private and public enterprises and any other entities seeking such services.

AICE® is a not-for profit organization founded in 1998 by international educational credential evaluation. AICE® is dedicated to research and publishing in the field of applied comparative education. AICE® prides itself in establishing U.S. equivalents of international educational documents that are utilized by institutions of higher education, USCIS, U.S., state and local government personnel departments, including teacher credentialing, and employers. AICE® members are responsible for developing and implementing the ethics and correct practices required by a profession that touches the individual lives of each of our clients, as well as our society as a whole.

Each member of AICE® must submit to a rigorous application process to indicate that it has established the highest standards of research methodology and international credential evaluation services. Quality work completed by organizations and evaluators that meet AICE® standards are accepted as reliable and complete within the field of applied comparative education.

AICE® members assist those with education from abroad who are seeking residence and employment, professional licensure or further education in the United States. Individuals with foreign education are referred to AICE® members by immigration attorneys, managers and educators who need information about an individual’s educational equivalent in the United States. Our members verify the authenticity and validity of each foreign educational document before issuing an evaluation. AICE® member evaluators provide practical and up-to-date knowledge on foreign ministries of education, institutions of education, educational areas of study, diplomas and transcripts.

Each U.S. educational equivalent of a foreign document issued by an AICE® member contains the latest research available for the country’s educational system and the individual school that has granted the transcript or degree. We support and consult the National Council on the Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials. AICE® and its member organizations are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education: http://www.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ous/international/usnei/us/edlite-visitus-forrecog.html and NAFSA: http://www.nafsa.org

For more information on Foreign Diploma and Credit Recognition and Credential Evaluation Services, please also visit the U.S. Department of Education web site at www.ed.gov. For information on guidelines to select a foreign credentials evaluation service, please visit http://www.nafsa.org/knowledge_community_network and review the document entitled “A NAFSA Guide to SELECTING A FOREIGN CREDENTIALS EVALUATION SERVICE.”