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AICE is a professional membership association for those involved in international credential evaluation and comparative education research.


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AICE Standards

A major part of AICE's mission is to provide the general public with access to trustworthy credential evaluation research and expertise. Our Endorsed Member evaluation services follow stringent guidelines set forth in AICE's Standards in the preparation of credential evaluations. If you are in need of credential evaluation services, please contact any of our Endorsed Members.

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AICE publishes and enforces standards as part of our commitment to best practices and consistency in the credential evaluation field. Our Endorsed members meet the Association's requirements for expertise, evaluation methodology and thorough evaluation reports.

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AICE membership provides access to information, research and experts in the comparative education field and allows you to take part in the advancement of international credential evaluation.

AICE members provide evaluation of international educational credential to individuals and universities

"We truly are all in this together. Kudos to everyone involved in the setup and continual operation of AICE!” - Melissa Goodwin, University of Idaho

AICE is dedicated to research and publishing in the field of applied comparative education

“I have to say that I am so proud to be a member of AICE!” - Yuriko Bassett, Azusa Pacific University

"I have less chances to join conferences last year and this year, so it is very important to attend monthly forum to keep updating my information.” - Suguru Fujiwara, University of Idaho