AICE membership provides access to information, research and experts in the comparative education field and allows you to take part in the advancement of international credentials evaluation.

The 2 Membership Types

AICE is a professional membership association for those involved in international credential evaluation and comparative education research. Endorsed Membership Affiliates

AICE's Standards

AICE publishes and enforces standards as part of our commitment to best practices and consistency in the credentials evaluation field. Our members meet the Association’s requirements for expertise, evaluation methodology and thorough evaluation reports.

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Endorsed Membership

There is a rigorous screening process to join AICE Endorsed Membership so please thoroughly review these membership requirements before requesting an application for Endorsed Membership.

Endorsed Membership Definition The Endorsed  Member category is open to organizations whose primary purpose and mission is to provide credential evaluation services to U.S. institutions, regulatory boards, HR departments, and other entities. Membership is contingent on the review, screening and verification of a candidate’s application, which includes preparation and submission of required documentation, interview and a site visit. Benefits The primary benefit of membership in AICE at any level is participation in the AICE Credential Evaluations Standards. AICE standards-based reports provide the user with a clearly written and formatted report that conforms to the highest standards of consistency, accuracy, comparability, transparency, portability and reliability in the field of international credential evaluations. All AICE members experience the added value of participating in the discussion and development of the AICE credential evaluation standards that promote consistently readable and understandable evaluation reports. Endorsed Members in AICE are authorized to attach the document that outlines AICE Credential Evaluation Standards to the evaluation reports which they produce. Additional benefits of the Endorsed Membership with AICE include:

  • Help shape credential evaluation standards
  • Serve on Board of Directors
  • Have voting privileges (1 vote per Endorsed Member Organization)
  • Representation and participation for any number of individuals within Endorsed Member Organization
  • Serve on committees
  • Inclusion on Endorsed Member list (advertisement)
  • Access to Members for Networking
  • AICE Name and Logo for website posting & promotional literature
  • Attend annual business meeting
  • Invitation to the AICE Monthly Credential Forum / Discussion Group
  • Participate in Joint research and publication efforts
  • Serve as AICE Consultant
  • Access to Online Country Database

Membership is from January 1-December 31 and renewed at the end of each calendar year.

If you are interested in Endorsed Membership, email AICE at The application deadline for Endorsed Membership in AICE is August 15th of the current year.

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Affiliate Definition The Affiliate category is open to many institutions such as post-secondary (two and four-year not-for-profit, for-profit, degree-granting, accredited) colleges, universities and other post-secondary institutions, public and private primary and secondary schools. Benefits The primary benefit of becoming an AICE Affiliate is participation in shaping credential evaluation standards. The AICE Standards represent an ongoing and collaborative effort to promote consistency and proper due diligence in the credentials evaluation field. Additional benefits of becoming an AICE Affiliate include:

  • Take part in monthly AICE Credential Forum discussions
  • Inclusion on the AICE Affiliate List
  • Access to members-only resources on the AICE website
  • Networking opportunities with AICE members and Affiliates
  • Serve on Committees
  • Attend Annual AICE Symposium with membership discount
  • Participate in joint research and publication efforts
  • Retain the services of AICE Consultant

[Note: AICE Affiliates do not have voting privileges.]


  • $150.00 for first representative, $75.00 for additional representatives

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Code of Ethics

Members of AICE are dedicated to providing high-quality services in the evaluation of
international educational credentials to individuals, schools, colleges, universities,
professional licensing boards, government agencies, private and public enterprises and
any other entities seeking such services. AICE members are expected to maintain
high standards of professional conduct and accept and adhere to the
following principles of good practice.

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