Frequently Asked Questions

What is AICE?

AICE is an association of independent and nongovernmental credential evaluation organizations as well as regionally accredited educational institutions located in the United States. AICE Endorsed Member organizations are committed to providing the highest quality credential evaluations.

I have been referred to the AICE website to have my credentials evaluated. Does AICE evaluate credentials?

No. AICE is an association of credential evaluation organizations. As an association, AICE does not provide evaluation reports; its Endorsed Members do. You should select an AICE Endorsed Member from the current list of Endorsed Member to have your credentials evaluated.

How is AICE different from other associations of international education evaluation services?

AICE Endorsed Members are vetted through a challenging application process.  This process includes documenting the qualifications of Senior Evaluators within the organization, preparing sample evaluations that are rigorously screened, and sponsoring an on-site visit.  Qualified Senior Evaluators have no less than 5 years of full-time experience in preparing international credential evaluations at a regionally accredited academic institution or at a current member organization. Evaluation staff are required to contribute to the field of credential evaluation through presentations, publications, and participation in the monthly AICE Credentials Discussion Forum and the annual AICE Symposium.  Members must maintain extensive print and electronic resource libraries and databases. Endorsed Members also share information with other AICE members, adhere to strict standards of professional ethics, follow the AICE Standards document when preparing credential evaluation reports, and participate in an annual recertification process.

Why should I choose an AICE Endorsed member to evaluate my credentials?

AICE Endorsed Members provide accurate and reliable evaluations that are prepared with integrity based on published Standards.  Because of the adherence to published Standards, AICE members provide credential evaluation reports that are consistent, transparent, and dependable. Based on a shared philosophy regarding educational equivalencies, AICE members provide reports that are similar in structure and content with outcomes that are comparable from one member organization to the next.  When considered with the rigorous vetting process for selecting members, reliance on AICE-member reports makes sense!

How do I choose which AICE Endorsed Member to evaluate my academic documents?

AICE Endorsed Members provide comparable, quality evaluations because of the voluntary adherence to published AICE Standards. Some factors you may wish to consider when choosing a member organization include the following:

  1. Will the organization to which you are applying accept the Endorsed Member’s evaluation report? Some organizations require applicants to use a specific evaluation company based on a pre-existing relationship with that company. Others will accept an evaluation from any AICE member.  You should check to be sure that the organization to which you apply will accept the evaluation of the AICE Endorsed Member that you select.
  2. What is your time frame compared with that published by the AICE member?
  3. What is the purpose of the evaluation? Does the Endorsed Member have a particular expertise in your area of concern?
  4. In an age of electronic information exchange, location becomes a secondary consideration. This factor should probably not be your highest priority.
Should I consider using the services of an AICE Endorsed Member near where I live?

Again, in today’s era of information technology, neither your physical location nor that of the evaluation service is of primary concern.

Which credential evaluation organizations are Endorsed Members of AICE?

The current Endorsed Members page on this website provides the name, contact and website information for all current Endorsed Members of AICE.  If an organization is not listed on our Current Members page, it is not an Endorsed Member of AICE.

Is there an AICE Endorsed Member in my country?

AICE Endorsed Member organizations provide credential evaluation services within the United States. If you are seeking to have the credentials you have earned outside the United States evaluated, choose an AICE Endorsed Member organization and follow the instructions as to how to submit an application from your country.

How can I determine if an evaluation organization was a past member of AICE?

If you wish to inquire about past members, please contact AICE at to determine an organization’s membership status in AICE.

What role does AICE play in the day-to-day operations of members?

AICE requires that its members follow the evaluation standards set forth in the AICE Standards document which you can access here.

Will the evaluations from different Endorsed Members be identical? If not, why?

While all AICE members prepare evaluation reports based on the AICE Standards document, each organization also uses the best professional judgment of its senior evaluators in formatting the report and in rendering professional opinions. Because of the agreement to adhere to Standards, AICE member reports will be more similar than they will be different, and the final judgments should be quite similar.

If a complaint is filed against an AICE Endorsed Member, what are the steps for a resolution? Is there a follow-up to the member organization to ensure resolution?

Complaints should first be taken up with the company who provided the report. The AICE member organization who wrote the report is in the best position to explain and discuss its decisions.  If you complain directly to AICE prior to approaching the report provider, AICE will direct your complaint back to the provider for resolution. You can be sure that each AICE Endorsed Member will provide a report of your educational credentials that is based on a careful analysis of your educational level, the quantitative and qualitative information provided, and the recognition status of the institution that you attended in your home county.  The objective is always to prepare an assessment of your education that is honest, fair and comparable to the U.S. educational system.

AICE develops standards and encourages best practices for professionals evaluating international education. Endorsed Members provide high-quality evaluation services that present a clear understanding of applied comparative education. These findings are based on expert research and collaboration that ensure accuracy and consistency within the field.

How do I order a credential evaluation?

Contact any one of AICE’s Endorsed Members from the list here

How do I become a credentials evaluator?

Becoming a professional credential evaluator, according to AICE’s published Standards, requires years of education, training and experience working with international educational credentials.  Ideally you should obtain this experience working in international admissions at a regionally accredited college or university in the U.S., or working for a reputable credential evaluation firm such as one of the AICE Endorsed Members.

How do I join AICE?

Please review the Requirements for Endorsed Membership in AICE on the Endorsed Members page here .

How do I start a credentials evaluation company?

Please review the Requirements for Endorsed Membership in AICE on the Endorsed Members Page here.  You should at minimum have the experience cited here prior to starting your own credentials evaluation company.

Where can I get training to become a credentials evaluator?

Contact AICE Endorsed Members and inquire of any employment and/or training opportunities. In addition, you may contact AACRAO, NAFSA, and other professional organizations that specialize in international education for training.  Please visit the web sites of these organizations for complete information regarding training that is offered.