The Association of International Credential Evaluators - Setting the Standard for Credential Evaluation


✓ Ensure thorough assessment and research for all evaluations

✓ Encourage professional accountability for all recommendations

✓ Promote consistent but adaptive evaluation philosophy over time

✓ Provide transparency in the credentials evaluation process

Where Standards Matter

Established in 1998, AICE is dedicated to advancing the international credential evaluation profession by developing standards that ensure consistency and accuracy based on expert research. AICE continuously reviews and updates the standards through ongoing dialogue amongst professionals in the field, and annual symposiums. AICE also provides a forum that connects the many organizations in the U.S. dedicated to enhancing dialogue about international credential evaluation methodology and placement recommendations.

The results of these ongoing discussions have culminated in the AICE Standards; a detailed and transparent set of guidelines agreed and approved by AICE’s members.

We believe the better informed a citizenry is about the philosophies and principles used in evaluating international educational credentials, the more confident and mindful it will be in demanding the highest standard in selecting a credential evaluation service provider.


Download PDF of AICE Standards adobe