The Association of International Credential Evaluators - Setting the Standard for Credential Evaluation


AICE develops standards and encourages best practices for professionals evaluating international education. Endorsed Members provide high-quality evaluation services that present a clear understanding of applied comparative education. These findings are based on expert research and collaboration that ensure accuracy and consistency within the field.


The mission of the Association of International Credential Evaluators (AICE) is to provide guidelines and standards to be used by Endorsed Member credential evaluation services regarding the best practices in international credential evaluation. It also provides a forum regarding the development of standards for its member organizations. These member organizations are endorsed by AICE for having demonstrated excellence in credential evaluation and adherence to professional standards through a rigorous membership process.

AICE’s Endorsed Members serve educational institutions, licensing boards, professional organizations, multinational corporations, and individuals. They provide verification, authentication and evaluation of education and professional credentials of studies completed outside the United States.


AICE’s mission is to advance the international credential evaluation profession by developing standards that ensure consistency and accuracy based on expert research.


AICE will be globally recognized as the leading authority in setting standards and best practices in the field of international credential evaluation.