Charter and Past Members

AICE is a living, growing organization which has evolved over time. We would like to recognize the unique contributions of individuals that have shaped our story and have contributed to our success.

Charter Members

Charter members are agencies who joined AICE at its inception, and whose contributions were key to its early development and formation.
Click here  to learn more about AICE’s history. These agencies are:

Academic Credentials Evaluation Institute, Inc. (ACEI) - Charter & Endorsed Member, Active Agency

Globe Language Services, Inc. - Charter & Past Member, Active Agency

International Evaluation Service (IES) - Charter & Past Member , Active Agency

Past Members

AICE acknowledges the contributions of the following past members:

Mario Caruso - (Charter and Past Endorsed Member, International Evaluation Service, Active Agency)

Alexander Agafonov, Ph.D. - (Past Member, Globe Language Services)

Drew Feder - (Past Member, Credential Consultants)

George Fletcher, Ed.D. - (Past Member, Globe Language Services)

Debbie Lisano, Ph.D. - (Past Member, Lisano International)

Mike Lisano, Ph.D. - (Past Member, Lisano International)

David Robinson, Ph.D. - (Past President, AICE)

Sandra Rodriguez - (Past Member, SDR Education Consultants)

John Sheety, Ed.D - (Past member, American Education Research Corporation)